Candle of the Month

May we introduce SWEET SLICE. Our August, 'Candle of the Month'.

What is 'Candle of the Month'? Every month, Bonfire Candle Co announces just 1 fragrance that is in the spotlight. What's in it for you? You get the opportunity to experience this divine fragrance at 20% off RRP during the month. It's a way for us to share our incredible range with you...our loyal fans, for below the recommended retail price.


Sweet Slice is no ordinary fragrance. Sweet Slice is hand blended right here in Sydney, Australia designed to send your senses into a mouth-watering frenzy with a creamy combination of salted caramel fudge with warm creamy butterscotch and a lasting note of sweet vanilla wafers. Top notes of vanilla bean, maple toffee and malt makes this scent a perfect warm addition to any home. Hand made with love by Bonfire Candle Co.